Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The World of Text of Prophecy of Ezekiel Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

The World of Text of Prophecy of Ezekiel - Essay Example nderstanding, the reader can come to the appreciation of the fact that it is at least potentially likely that the prophecies that were at alluded to within the book of Ezekiel, specifically chapter 38, had not yet come to pass at the time that revelation itself was written by the apostle John. It is the hope of this particular student that such an exegesis will provide the reader with a more accurate and informed understanding of the overall relevance that Ezekiel 38 has to the prophetic understanding that is represented throughout the Old and New Testaments. As has been previously discussed, the large majority of topics discussed within the book of Ezekiel are predicated upon future events and prophetic understanding of the way in which the experience of the Jewish people would take place. Moreover, as this book was written during a time of exile, the focus of individuals within the era in which it was written was invariably focused upon redemption and a return to their native lands.1 Not surprisingly, the chapters preceding Ezekiel chapter 38 focus upon a discussion and analysis for why the exile had taken place, the sins of previous generations, and fact that God was actively seeking to punish those individuals who had worked against is divine laws, chapter 38 references interpretation and discussion of prophetic vision that is not contingent upon an entirely optimistic future.2 As such, chapter 38, and chapter 39 for that matter, specifically references the fact that the Jewish people will face trials and extreme hardships in the com ing years. Moreover, the memory of exile and difficulties of attempting to keep a relationship with God while amongst the heathens of Babylon is engaged in such a manner as so as to warn the reader that the excitement and jubilation for a long awaited return would not descend immediately into the type of old habits or behaviors that had in fact caused the exile to take originally take place. Yet, what has been discussed thus far

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